12 January 2015
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There may be some confusion in relation to what we have delivered to you so please let us explain our approach.

The usual practice is that of going to the usual sources for standard expired domains. We have taken this one step further with a method that we have implemented our own variations upon to what we callthe the Modified Broken Link method.

The previous models of this method are available to read up upon via various external sources should you wish to verify and have the opportunity to properly grasp our practcies. External means of verification are available here

1. SEOTrafficHacks.com
–>> Broken Link Boss
–>> Site Resurrection SEO: Next Generation SEO
–>> Broken Link Boss
2. http://www.nohatseo.com/blog/expired-domain-training1-html/
3. http://moz.com/blog/the-broken-link-building-bible
4. http://citationlabs.com/36-broken-link-building-resources/

Put simply, in the case of very large sites, the owners simply lack the resources to monitor each and every one of their external links to ensure each of these is still linking to a valid, operational third party website.

Our method is to look at these larger authority sites to monitor these links to see where the links become broken. Once we have established this we then see the field in which these sites operated within. Once we have our core seed of domains we then undertake metrics tests to evaluate the quality of these domains.

So using this ‘Modified Broken Link Method’ we can scan whole (relevant!) sub-categories of sites such as these:

wikipedia.org (nofollow but still good to have), cnn.com, nytimes.com, washingtonpost.com, latimes.com, huffingtonpost.com, smh.com.au, guardian.co.uk, independent.co.uk, thestar.com, bbc.co.uk, cnbc.com, theage.com.au, chicagotribune.com, telegraph.co.uk, usatoday.com, wsj.com, ft.com, caltech.edu, harvard.edu, stanford.edu, princeton.edu, ox.ac.uk, cam.ac.uk, mit.edu, nyu.edu, wsj.com, usatoday.com, nypost.com, chron.com, philly.com, washingtonpost.com, newsday.com, denverpost.com, freep.com, seattletimes.com, utsandiego.com, sfgate.com, ucla.edu, tampabay.com, reuters.com

We are using this method for your Niche.

1. We have scanned, big authority sites such as… Demoz, Yahoo Directory, Business.com, within Relevant Categories with help of Screaming Frog

Please check the Screen short, For example- Demoz in Gargening section

2. Then we check the domain name with Domain Spoon

the Criteria is, pr 3 DA and PA over 20 OFFERING good quality back links

3. Then we check Archive aka Way Back Machine and create the site as it was then implement improvements to the site

4. After undertaking these practices, we can have sites that say are in excess of five years old PR sites with good PA and DA. The benefits of this over other methods is the age of the domain and the quality of the backlinks is generally higher owing to where we sourced the original domain data from.

The Modified Broken Link method is a solid, white hat, quality links method. We are using this approach for PBN. That’s why, we are able to create Niche specific, relevant sites ON aged domain names.

This method works and we are able to Find Relevant, Aged Domains name with good Link profile.

Please check the Screen shots for further clarification.

The only Problem initial front each issue is external verification. To clarify…

After we register a domain name, it will generally take between three to four weeks to externally verify PR, PA and DA.

Although, this method has proven to work repeatedly for us we should have relayed this data to you so you were aware of this. Likewise apologies for the slight delay in coming back you with your communications in the last 24 hours.

Our suggestion to you….

To clarify, we can create sites using standard expired domains or the Modified Broken Link Method. We would suggest that you elect the MBLM as the quality of the domains will prove to be superior but the choice is yours.


1. Please give us ten working days maximum, in fact, we will deliver your sites within seven days from when agreement made using standard domains if this is your preference. MBLM domains will be quicker as this is what we had planned to use for your sites and the majority of them are now done.

2. You can see this from this domain name

americanunitedcarservice.com that you have PR 4 with suitable PA and DA

As we have been a little slow in relaying to you the details of the MBLM that we are implementing, if you extend the period as suggested you can retain this as a bonus site in addition toy our order.

3. If we do not deliver the sites within seven working days, we will refund your money in full.

4. We can refund you money in full now, no questions asked.

Please advise how you would like us to proceed.

Regards, SEO Magicians.



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