The blogs that we create for our Private Blog Network clients are fully-fledged blogs, as in these are niche rich in content, features and articles. This assists with ensuring that the blog will pass any possible manual review should it be undertaken.

When utilising the page rank link power of your blog, we would suggest certain best practices are adhered to so as to ensure you receive the maximum link power benefits and longevity for your future linking benefits.

We would suggest that the best method of outbound link placement (links to your money site) would be to place the links within the body of text contained within your blog. Not placed as footer or side bar links from the home page.

Generally speaking, the home page for your blog will contain the greatest level of Page Rank (PR). When we create your blog we generally increase the amount of content on the home page for the reason of link placement.

Our research has shown that five to ten links is the best practice in relation to the number of outbound links placed on your home page, but please consider the lower the amount of outbound links you create on the site, the stronger the link power will be.

Look at it like a bottle of vodka, one bottle only contains so much alcoholic strength, no matter how much water you dilute it with, the alcohol content does not vary. The same applies to links, the greater number the links = the weaker they become.

If you only have one money site that you are linking to, we suggest that you do not exceed five links to obtain the maximum benefit. If you are only seeking to rank for one or two keywords, then there is no benefit of creating more links than this for the reason of the vodka example above.

If on the other hand you plan to use your high PR blog for outbound links across multiple money sites, then spreading the links around will prove the most beneficial. Repeating this process with multiple blogs, so you have links from varied IP addresses pointing to your money site, has proven to be the best practice.

If you own multiple money sites that, for example that are all within the home improvement niche, if your blog is within the same niche then spreading these links around makes sense as the links are in context in relation to the niche. If on the other hand there is no connection in terms of niche across your money sites, we would suggest that it is NOT a good idea to spread these links around. The blog links are best used in context, a blog about double glazing linking to a site about chicken farming has no context. On the other hand linking to a site about external doors does.

Once the blog is operational and has been in your possession for four to eight weeks we would suggest that you check the PR of each of the pages the blog contains. We can offer no guarantee of page rank, as ranking is determined by an external factor that we have no influence over. When we determine the estimated PR, when undertaking our due diligence, we use these factors in determining our best estimation.

The reason why we suggest checking the additional pages is to establish if the inner pages also contain PR. If this is the case then linking from these pages will prove beneficial and a wasted resource if not utilised. Likewise we would also suggest that checking the PR on the home page, after the same time duration has elapsed, would also prove useful in relation to our estimated PR v’s actual PR a period of time after the domain has be populated with new content.

Once we have transferred your blog to your hosting, please see here for Domain Transfer Procedure, we would suggest that links are not placed onto the blog for a week or so to give everything a chance to settle down.

In terms of search engine ranking benefits, there is no exact science to this but generally you should start to see the serps benefits of these links after two to four weeks of placement. Generally speaking, one high PR link is not going to reinvent the wheel, but the lower the competition, the lower quantity of high PR links will be required to see ranking benefits.

In terms of best practices of anchor text we would suggest this article provides all of the relevant information required.

Lastly, it is important to remember that hosting is a much overlooked important factor for a successful private blog network and we offer solutions for hosting your blogs should you so desire. Further details can be seen here.

We wish you every success in your ranking objectives