Google Page Rank Prediction

Our Steps To Assist With Google Page Rank Prediction

Guestimating the Google Page Rank of an expired domain can be a precarious and long winded task but one that we consider to be vital when determining the metrics of possible domain to acquire on behalf of our clients.

These are the steps that we historically used to assist with finding the estimated PR of an expired domain:

1. Go to (Paid Account)
2. Paste in the expired domain name
3. Click the “Historic Index” radio button
4. Switch to the “Backlinks” tab
5. Click the “Remove Deleted Backlinks” radio button
6. Scroll to the bottom of that page
7. Click the link to “Download CSV”
8. Open in Excel
9. Sort and remove the entries with the “NoFollow Flag”
10. Paste the “DoFollow” links into Scrapebox
11. Remove the duplicate URLs
12. Test for PR

So, how does it work?

In order to keep the feature fast, we pull the top 25 backlinks (according to Open Site Explorer) pointing to the expired domain.

Next we determine the Page Rank of each of those links.

Then, we use the following logic :

If PR of the highest PR backlink is X, then the PR of the expired domain is X-2.

If the PR of the highest PR backlink is X, and X is found 3 (or more) times in the set, then the PR of the expired domain X-1.

Our process takes whichever value is greater.

Understandably, this calculation is not always perfect. Pulling only 25 links is prone to weakness in the prediction algorithm. Let’s face it… 25 links is a very small sample, considering some expired domains have thousands.

However, before you disregard this feature for it’s “quick and dirty” logic or occasional inaccuracies, let me say that in the testing that we have done so far, the predication results are dead-on. After using the feature, we manually check the domains to see if they check out, and (so far) 99% of them have.

Now comes the disclaimer…

This additional service that we provide helps to spot potentially high PR domains quickly and more thoroughly. It is not a guarantee that the domain will recover this Page Rank in the future.

But, with that being said, we believe this PR prediction service will be a valuable addition to the services that we provide..