We require the below information to transfer the(se) domain(s) to you.

With your hosting account(s), please enable Who Is protection.

Having multiple domains registered to one owner, all pointing to a.n.other site(s) that you own, leaves an obvious visible footprint thus risking the possibility of having your site(s) subject to manual penalties.

This list is not meant to be an intrusive insight into your personal details, simply a list of the data we have historically required to undertake the transfer process. The more comprehensive the data provided, the faster and more efficiently the transfer process will be, thus reducing the impact on everyone’s time 🙂

Your email address registered with host provider :
Hosting account number :
Your customer number (if different from above) :
Your customer name for account :
Your first name :
Your last name :
Address you have registered with host for billing :
cPanel details :

We will require this data for each hosting account that we need to transfer a domain to.

If you have more than one domain to be transferred, please present the above data IN FULL for each hosting account. This is for ease of data entry to assist in making human error as minimal as possible.

Once the transfer process has taken place we will notify you.