Private Blog Networks (PBN) Is The Most Effective Link Building Strategy.

Private Blog Networks (PBN) help you to rank your sites highly in Search Engines. Private Blog Networks use expired domains with a lot of trust and power. It’s a great way to get powerful, authoritative links without spending months and months on content marketing, and without building dangerous, spammy links. Private Blog Networks are the Most Powerful, The Most Effective and The Most Reliable link building tool available today. It’s the “secret weapon” that gurus, SEO agencies, smart Internet Marketers and multimillion dollar companies are using. All of the large SEO companies maintain their own private network to use on their clients’ sites.

The Question is Why are PBN’s so Effective?

A link from a private blog network is relevant, powerful, and effective. PBN Creates Perfect Backlink.

Example Of Perfect Backlinks

  • Contextual Links
  • Stay forever on the homepage to get the most out of the PR
  • Very few outbound links

Its Possible to Create Perfect Backlinks with The help of PBN. That’s why, Private Blog Networks (PBN) are Very Effective.

Benefits OF having OWN Private Blog Networks

  • Links From HIGH QUALITY, EXTREME RELEVANCY Authority Sites.
  • High PR & Niche Relevant Homepage Links Means Instant Increase In Rankings
  • Dominate almost any niche
  • Links your competitors can never get.
  • Link Juice not shared with other sites.
  • Full Control Over The Quality Of Sites, Links from anchor text, outbound links, neighbourhood & much more.
  • Most Affordable way to gain Niche Relevant high Authority Links
  • Permanent Home page Links – Your links will Never Ever removed
  • Cost Effective – NO Recurring Monthly Fees.
  • NO Footprints Or risk of getting Google penalty
  • Peace of Mind from Google Updates.

Perhaps, that’s the Reason, you should Create Your OWN Private Blog Networks (PBNs). The problem is, Building Private Blog Network is complicated.

Building Private Blog Network Is Complicated.

Building Private Blog Network is complicated because there are lot of elements to be Consider.It Requires Lot of knowledge, experience and Efforts. That’s why, we are offering this Service.

Building a Private Blog Network that leaves Zero Footprint for Google to detect requires elite level knowledge, experience and considerable time and effort to accomplish when done correctly. It’s just too much for 99% of SEO companies or individuals to accomplish on their own. This is why we are offering our Perfect PBN services as we have the skills, knowledge and manpower to create the Perfect PBN which you can then use for your own private rankings.

The Most Affordable
Private Blog Network (PBN)

Building Private Blog Network Is Our Specialty.

We Build Quality Private Blog Network With Zero Footprints.

Step wise – We will do for our Clients

Step 1 : Find Quality Domain Name.

We look at The Metric below:-

Metric 1. Domain Authority & Page Authority Min 15

Metric 2. Trust Flow & Citation Flow from MajesticSEO Min 10

Metric 3. Back link Profile

  • Minimum 10 Backlinks
  • Quality and page rank of back links
  • Check for Spam like Porn, Pharmaceuticals, Poker
  • Foreign language anchor text


Metric 4. – Number of Drops from Registrar History. ( Max 2)

Note:- We are not considering Google Page Rank now.

Step 2. Build Quality Private Blog Network That Pass Google Human Reviews.

Where we will build the PBN using the “Broken Link Method” and treat each Blog as a Money Site

We Create each Blogs with Broken Link Method. Click here to learn More about broken Link method.

Broken Link Method

The object is to Build Authority site. We can do this by checking Old history and Build site better then before.

  • We check snapshots for an expired domain At or Wayback Machine
  • Recreate the content & site. Object is to Maker better then before.
  • Redesign that site and make content rich site.
  • Finally Set social accounts.


Quality Sites Creation – Treat Each site As Money site.

We Create All Blogs Manually with Quality Content, Unique Design & Unique Layout.

  • We create articles of 1000 word for Home page and 500 to 600 word Quality Article for post
  • We use Media Rich Content Like Slideshare presentations, PDF download links, Infographics, Podcasts e.g.
  • We use Relevant Images, Videos and Outbound Link to Relevant Authority Pages.
  • We use premium Themes and Avoid Free Templates. Good Designing sites always help.
  • We set Important pages like about us, contact us, Privacy Policy and Error 404 to home page.

Use Different CMS Like – WordPress, Joomla, B2Evolution, Drupal and More.

Broken Link Method & Copy Right issues

Copy content from Archive may create problem. To Avoid DMCA/Trademark complaint, its better to Recreate the Site again. Ctrl-C Ctrl-V is not A good idea for long run. We don’t use old site content. In fact we make site better then before. In short. We treat each Blog as Money site. We are Building Private Blog Network With Broken Link Method.

Step 3 : Avoid SEO Footprints. ( SEO Footprints means PBN is dead)

Common Foot prints are.

  • SOA Records
  • Too Many Cheap Hosts & SEO hosting.
  • Same web server, IP blocks, or same DNS information
  • Use of One Email Address for buying domain name and hosting.
  • Whois Enabled for All Domain Names
  • Use of Gmail, Google Analytics or Google Webmaster Tools
  • Same CMS (Word Press) – Same Free Templates & Plugins
  • No Custom Logos, footer or header
  • No Legal Pages, Contact Page, Communication Address
  • Crawlers & Spiders Blocked on All Sites
  • Low Quality Spun or Garbage Content
  • Duplicate Content, Images, Video
  • Not Enough Rich Media
  • No Social Activity


Our Strategy to Avoid SEO Foot prints.

  • We Avoid Cheap shared Hosting & SEO hosting. We Host them on Reputed hosting Companies at different Sever location like USA, UK, Europe, Austria and Asia
  • No use of Gmail, Google Analytics or Google Webmaster Tools
  • Whois Enabled for All Domain Names – We use Unique whois Information- Disable who is a Red Flag.
  • Set Private Name servers like
  • One Email Address used for buying domain name or Buying different hosting Is Big Foot Print.
  • Set Email for each domain name. Like,
  • Create All Blogs Manually with Quality Content, Unique Design & Unique Layout.
  • Quality Content- Quality Articles & Avoid spin content
  • We use Media Rich Content
  • We use premium Themes
  • We set Important pages like about us, contact us, Privacy Policy and Error 404 to home page.
  • Social Profiles like NEW Twitter, Facebook account for each site


Step 4 : Protect Private Blog Network (PBN) From Rev Engineering.

We Block All The above spy Bots. That’s why, Its Impossible for your competitors to find your PBN. Spyder Spanker is a good Option. Excess use of Spyder Spanker can be a foot print.

  • SEO Spyglass
  • Ahrefs
  • Raven Tools
  • Open Site Explorer (Moz)
  • Majestic SEO


Step 5 : Adding Social Media Presence.

Social media presence is paramount important. High authority site without social presence is always suspect. That’s why we create Fanpage, youtube channel, pinterest for each Blog. Treat each blog as money site, will give better results in long run.

  • Facebook Fan Page Creation – Profile & Timeline
  • Google Plus Profile
  • Twitter Account – Profile With Background
  • Pinterest – Profile & Boards Creation
  • Create YouTube Channel – Profile & Channel


Step 6 : Sites and Ownership transfer.

Once everything is fully setup. We will Give You The Online Access. You can check every thing. Once’s you are happy, then we will transfer you every thing. You will have COMPLETE and ABSOLUTE control of the network!

Private Blog Network (PBN) SET UP Packages

Key Features of our services Are Transparency & Your Involvement. We will show you Domain Names, Quality of Content and Site Designing. In other words, we will keep informing you on every aspect.

Step 1 : We will find high quality expired domains.

Step 2 : We will send you the details.

  • Domain name
  • Domain Authority & Page Authority
  • Trust Flow & Citation Flow
  • Back link Profile
  • Number of Drops from Registrar History.


You can check them and One’s U approved them, then we will Register domain names for you.

Step 3 : We will send You the List of Hosting companies. ( Very Affordable). Again, we are not affiliated with them. U need to sign up with them and pay for hosting Fee’s. Hosting Free is around $5 PM

Step 4 : We will install word press, Add Plugin’s and SET every thing. Or we will Install any CMS

Step 5 : We will Create All Content And Set the site for you. And Give You The Online Access

Step 6 : You can check every thing. Once’s you are happy, then we will transfer you every thing.

Once everything is fully setup. You will have COMPLETE and ABSOLUTE control of the network!

Here’s exactly what you get

  • Quality Domain Name
  • Private Blog Network – Next Generation Private Blog Network That Pass Google Manual Reviews
  • Manually Created Quality Sites with Quality Content, Unique Design & Unique Layout.
  • Blog Network With Zero Foot prints
  • Blog Network Protected From Rev Engineering.
  • Social Media Accounts For each Blog. Like Fanpage, Twitter, Google Plus and Much more.

Private Blog Network Monthly Maintenance Packages

Once Private Blog Network is SET, its Important to Add More More sites ( if Possible), Add More content and Built Links on it. The reason is that all Links are not permanent. If you never build any links On Private Blog Network then it will gradually become weaker and weaker. That’s why, steadily Link building is very Important.

On going Link building with Increase PR, PA/ DA, TF/ CF and makes PBN very strong. On the other hand using spamming software’s leave so many foot prints that it ends up in deindexed a Private Blog Network.

The Most Affordable & The Most Effective
Private Blog Network Maintenance Package

1. Set social media

  • Facebook Page
  • Twitter
  • Google+ Page
  • Tumblr
  • Pinterest
  • Youtube


2. Interlink all social media properties.

3. Build Contextual Back links with GSA

4. Tier 2 GSA Backlinks campaign.


Link Building Package Price: $20 PM (Per site)

We Build Our package based on –

Domain Authority Stacking

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